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A river cruise down the Danube

It’s been about 18 months, so it’s about time I mentioned our vacation last July.  We’ve never taken a vacation on a big cruise ship, so we decided to start with a river cruise.  It was a great trip, covering … Continue reading

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Is that a curtain rod or modern art?

In late June, a 30 foot tree branch came crashing into our family room missing my wife by about 5 feet.  The branch fell from about 70-80 feet and managed to drop straight down like a spear puncturing the roof … Continue reading

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A cornucopia of Irish cousins – my latest trip to Ireland

In March, I was lucky enough to take another trip to Ireland.  Scheduled to be in Dublin for work on a Monday, I decided to arrive on Saturday morning and head west for a weekend of visiting. My first stop … Continue reading

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Viva Italia! A wonderful trip to Italy!

Italy has been on my wife’s list of countries to visit for a few years now.  We went there this past summer with some friends.  The trip exceeded all our expectations.  Since we had never been to Italy before, we … Continue reading

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My Gaetz family research

I have spent a lot of time tracing my Irish roots (Sweeney, Horan and Brennan).  This culminated in a trip to Ireland where we met cousins and saw the old family cottages.  Recently, I returned to researching my Gaetz line … Continue reading

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I finally updated my Plaxo profile

I finally updated my Plaxo profile.  I’m not sure why, because I don’t use it.  I use Facebook and LinkedIn.  It was hanging out there for years with a sparsely populated profile.  I thought I should either delete it or … Continue reading

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Dual citizenship podcast interview at the Irish Roots Cafe

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed for the second time by Mike O’Laughlin of the Irish Roots Cafe for his Irish Families Worldwide podcast.   The first interview was in July about my Irish family history tour. This time, the … Continue reading

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Christmas toy on fire

I never imagined a toy remote controlled car could catch fire.  It only took four AA batteries and a tiny circuit board.  Flames burned through the windshield and were shooting several inches in the air!  It was not a nice … Continue reading

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Taking an Irish language class

I started an Irish language class this fall at the Greater Danbury Irish Cultural Center.  Studying a language was never a strong point for me.  I “took” French for four years in high school, but I think I gave it … Continue reading

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When you make a change, it may as well be a big one

I started a new job a few weeks ago, still in IT at IBM, but out of the collaboration and social media space.  It’s a big change for me as I have been focused for the past 8 years on … Continue reading

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