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Social Computing is an accelerant for Collaboration

In my recent post, I discussed terms such as social computing, social software, social networking, and social media.  What about collaboration?  I often see the term collaboration used in the same context as social computing. Collaboration doesn’t require computers, but … Continue reading

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I said Social Networking and Corey said Social Media

I made a comment a few months ago regarding the social networking success of Corey and Liam at  Corey responded and used the term social media.  We were talking about the same topic and yet we viewed it in … Continue reading

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Social Media paranoia or valid concern?

Up until a few months ago I had no problem with the practice of sending real time updates to sites like twitter, facebook, flickr, blogs, or other social platforms.  However, I’ve refrained from updates during my recent travel.  I also … Continue reading

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Podcast: Irish Fireside (a great example of social networking)

A favorite podcast and blog of mine is Irish Fireside.   Irish Fireside is about travel to Ireland, Irish customs, … and all things Irish.   There have been 88 episodes and I’ve listened to every one of them.  I was … Continue reading

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How many social networking tools does it take?

I was listening to the most recent podcast.  Matt and Luis were talking about how many different social networking tools people want or need.  One was not enough, but many people get confused trying too many.  They mentioned about … Continue reading

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