Heading back to Ireland

My sister, one brother and I are heading to Ireland this week for a little family history tour.  I made some great connections on my last trip and some new connections via the Internet that will make this trip very meaningful.  We’ll visit the townlands where the Sweeney, Horan, and Brennan relatives came from.  Through some wonderful local participation in our search we will be able to visit the Sweeney and Horan cottages.   One is in ruins and the other is a storage house.   My Brennan side left Ireland back around the 1840’s.  I have family history information on the relatives that stayed through the mid-1900’s but I haven’t had time to focus on that side of the family for this trip.

It will be a whirlwind trip through Ballinamore (Gubnaveagh) in county Leitrim,  Ballinafad (Ballaghboy) in county Sligo, and Lecarrow (Carrownamaddy) in county Roscommon.

If I bring my laptop, I might do some updates from the road.  I hope to have some good stories to tell upon my return.

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2 Responses to Heading back to Ireland

  1. JOhn Sweeney says:

    what info did you find on sweeney side

  2. Bill says:

    Hi John,

    See my June 2nd blog entry – http://bill.sweeney.net/?p=200

    Although we met Horan and Brennan relatives, we did not find Sweeney relatives. It appears that my grandfather’s siblings that stayed in that townland did not have children. I found Sweeneys, but none that would admit to being related to me 🙂

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