My name is Bill Sweeney, hence the blog at bill.sweeney.net .  I plan to talk about a myriad of topics.  One topic of great interest to me is the value of social computing inside the corporate firewall and the movement of that across the firewall, blending the two communities.  This blog is part of that process for me.  I work for IBM, but this blog is not associated with IBM.  Statements in this blog are completely mine and not to be construed as speaking for IBM in any way.

My goal is to keep this blog positive and free from rants.  I found this Irish expression that seems to fit what I’m trying to do: “Nior bhris focal maith fiacal riamh” – A good word never broke a tooth.  Meaning … it doesn’t hurt to pay a compliment.  Hopefully, there will be a compliment or two along the way.

I try many Internet services and have about 150 IDs floating around out there.  Here are just a few sites that make up my core Internet persona:

I hope to get a comment or two along the way, so this is more than just a public diary.

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