How many social networking tools does it take?

I was listening to the most recent podcast.  Matt and Luis were talking about how many different social networking tools people want or need.  One was not enough, but many people get confused trying too many.  They mentioned about 5 as a reasonable number.  That just happens to be what I have settled on.  See “My Persona” on the right.  Besides my blog site, here’s how I see the five I have chosen in very simple terms:

Delicious – sharing/storing bookmarks and mining areas of interest

Facebook – social interaction

Flickr – photo sharing

LinkedIn – professional connections

Twitter – ad hoc connections – real time news and getting to know people better by hearing about their interests and how they spend their time

A blog can provide an in depth view about a person’s expertise, interests, sense of humor and lots more.   I’m just dabbling for now, but over time will paint a more complete picture with my blog.   I’ve chosen not to have a general “web site” for now, as the wordpress blog gives me everything I need.

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