I’m a podcast enthusiast

I’ve always been an avid radio listener.  As a kid, I would listen to New York Knicks basketball games and the Jean Shepherd show.  Jean Shepherd was a great story teller and late in his career he was best known as the narrator of the movie A Christmas Story.   As I grew up, I listened to news radio and sports radio.   Driving in the car, it’s all talk and sports radio.  I’ve also listened to many audio books on tape, then CD.  A few years ago I got an iPod and I became a podcast fan.  Now, the most used preset buttons on my car radio take me to empty spots where I can have my iPod play through my FM transmitter.  I spend a good deal of time in my car and I have listened to many different podcast talk shows and audio books.  Over the coming weeks, I’ll add blog entries about my favorite podcasts.

By the way, I tried creating a podcast of my own to see how it was done, but I didn’t have a topic to sustain the effort.   When I created my first podcast – about how to make a podcast – I showed my youngest daughter what I had done.  She was probably 17 at the time.  Her immediate reaction was “take it down – now”.  My podcasting career ended there 🙂

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