Podcast: The Mathgrad is back!

Another favorite podcast of mine was on hiatus for 2 years – the Mathgrad by Chris Frederick.  Chris was podcasting as a PhD student at Colorado State University until life evidently got in the way – finishing the PhD, a child, …  As of February, 2009 he is back.  He completed his PhD and is teaching part time.   There are numerous episodes from 2006 as well as new monthly episodes.  Old or new, the episodes put mathematics into everyday terminology.

Chris has a knack for picking topics that are fun, interesting, and relatively brief.  He covers classic math problems as well as topics from daily life.  Examples include The Monty Hall problem, Moore’s law, Deal or No Deal, Sudoku, and recently the Prisoner’s Dilemma and the multiplier effect related to today’s economy.  Give it a try!

p.s.  I assume he will be updating his web site soon.

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