What’s on my iPod?

Several people have asked me what I have on my iPod, so I thought I’d share it here.  I’ll write more reviews of my favorites when I get a chance.

I listen to a tremendous amount of non-music content on my iPod.  However, I don’t listen to any content on my computer while I’m working as I find it distracting.  I listen to my iPod in the car, while walking, and occasionally when working around the house.  Here is a summary of most of what I have on my iPod and how often I listen to serial podcasts (Regularly, Occasionally, Infrequently, Rarely) or how much I’ve covered of a podcast with a fixed number of episodes (All, Most, Some, Few).

Music – a small amount of purchased music

The Bible – purchased

Audio books – quite a few, but not listed here

Podcasts –

Talk shows:

  • NYT Front Page – Reg
  • Dogear-Nation – Reg
  • Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code – Reg, replaced by No Agenda
  • NA (No Agenda) – Occ
  • Grammar Girl – Reg
  • CNN News Update – Occ
  • WSJ This Morning – Occ
  • MSNBC Countdown – Inf
  • Newspod BBC – Inf
  • RTE – Morning Ireland – Inf
  • Legal Lad – Inf
  • Sweettt.com – All, but infrequent podcast
  • Random Abstractions – All, but infrequent podcast
  • TWIT – This Week in Tech – Inf


  • The Clark Howard Show – Reg
  • WOR The Dolans – Occ
  • The Dave Ramsey show – Inf

Irish travel, culture, genealogy:

  • Irish Fireside – Reg
  • Irish Roots Café Genealogy and History – Reg
  • Irish Song and Recitation – Reg
  • Tourcaster – Dublin City Guide – All
  • Dublin Tourism iWalks – Few
  • The Engaging Ireland Podcast – Occ
  • RTE Documentary – Occ

General travel:

  • Frommers – Occ
  • Made in NY Walking Tours – Occ


  • UConn Coaches show – Occ

Math, Science:

  • Mathgrad – Reg
  • The Math Factor – Reg
  • 60-Second Earth – Inf
  • 60-Second Science – Inf
  • Scientific American – Inf


  • Lifespring – Inf
  • Early Light Daily Devotional – Inf


  • The Jefferson Hour – not yet
  • American History Before 1870 – not yet

Other podcasts have come and gone from my iPod.  Also, I have not listed podcasts at IBM.

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4 Responses to What’s on my iPod?

  1. Michael Rowe says:

    Bill great collection of podcasts! Not sure how you can stay current on all of these…. Would love to hear your reviews of some of them (when you get a chance).

  2. Matt Simpson says:

    Hi Bill. Great idea to categorize and tag the podcasts.
    I’ve got to get sweettt.com out of the infrequent podcast category.
    Maybe if I stopped trying to split them into smaller episodes it would help… But
    Then they would be a couple hours long… Hmmm

  3. bill says:

    I can’t say I stay current on all of them. When I work from home and my drive time is down, I fall behind on the podcasts.

    I also have gone through many audiobooks. I highly recommend the 7th Son trilogy by JC Hutchins. I’ve listened to all of Scott Sigler’s books but they are not for the faint of heart. I often hear about other podcast books by listening to these two authors.

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