Will I ever see a photo of any of my great grandparents?

I assume the answer is no. I watch genealogy shows like Finding Your Roots and find myself wishing I could be a subject of an episode. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. often holds up a photo and says something like “this is a picture of your three times great grandfather, how does that make you feel?”. I’ll tell you how that makes me feel, jealous 🙂 I’m just wishing for one great grandparent. I don’t think I’m getting greedy here.

Of my eight great grandparents, six never set foot in the United States. In Ireland, they lived in very rural areas. My Sweeney’s lived on a small mountain subsistence farm. I doubt a camera ever found it’s way there. My Horan’s faired a little better, but I’ve never seen a photo from any cousins still living there. My Gaetz’s in Nova Scotia seemed like a possibility, but again nothing has appeared. So, what about my Brennan’s in Providence? I assume there were photos, but they were probably lost back when my grandfather died in 1947.

I’ll bet there are some photos, but it will probably take Henry Louis Gates, Jr. to find them.

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