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A little DNA, time, and luck uncovered a new Sweeney connection

It took almost two years from the first DNA match email I received to reach a definitive connection between our Sweeney families.  Alex O’Brien Feldman first emailed me in January of 2015 with an Ancestry.com autosomal DNA match.  We quickly … Continue reading

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Dual citizenship podcast interview at the Irish Roots Cafe

A few weeks ago, I was interviewed for the second time by Mike O’Laughlin of the Irish Roots Cafe for his Irish Families Worldwide podcast.   The first interview was in July about my Irish family history tour. This time, the … Continue reading

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Taking an Irish language class

I started an Irish language class this fall at the Greater Danbury Irish Cultural Center.  Studying a language was never a strong point for me.  I “took” French for four years in high school, but I think I gave it … Continue reading

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Our Irish Family History Tour

As I mentioned in my last blog entry, my sister and brother and I recently took our Irish family history tour.  We visited the following townlands: Gubnaveagh, Leitrim – the birthplace of my grandfather, James Francis Sweeney (left at age … Continue reading

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