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Will I ever see a photo of any of my great grandparents?

I assume the answer is no. I watch genealogy shows like Finding Your Roots and find myself wishing I could be a subject of an episode. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. often holds up a photo and says something like “this … Continue reading

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Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure #2 (2019) – Ireland & Scotland

My brother, Ted, and I have made two trips together to Ireland to explore our Sweeney roots.  Back in May 2016, we were off on Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure #1.  We visited McPherson and Brennan cousins as well as … Continue reading

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A little DNA, time, and luck uncovered a new Sweeney connection

It took almost two years from the first DNA match email I received to reach a definitive connection between our Sweeney families.  Alex O’Brien Feldman first emailed me in January of 2015 with an Ancestry.com autosomal DNA match.  We quickly … Continue reading

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Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure #1 (2016) – Searching for a Sweeney link from Leitrim back to Donegal

My brother, Ted, and I made a trip to Ireland in May.  We had fantastic visits with our McPherson and Brennan cousins, as well as our friends, the Clarkes.  Gerry Clarke has been a great help in our family research … Continue reading

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It’s Sweeney after all

The 1911 Irish Census is now available at the National Archives of Ireland.  Thankfully my grandfather’s family is listed as Sweeney.  I realize people say don’t worry about multiple spellings, but I’ve tried to convince myself that I’ve been working … Continue reading

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